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Direct Filing Portal available to practitioners in 2002

Many of you have told us you want to use our Direct Filing Portal to file clients' returns. Next year you will be able to use the portal, provided your commercial tax preparation software and electronic filing software are compatible with our portal. The Direct Filing Portal, which debuted in January, allows taxpayers to send their return to us electronically, via the Internet. No modems. No third party transmitters. If you are interested in using the portal in 2002, first contact your software provider or your e-file transmitter. If you would like to learn more about how portal filing could work for you, call Julie Moreno at 916.845.3460 or Sean McDaniel at 916. 845.6180.

E-Government blueprint helps us improve customer service

Increased security, greater access for tax practitioners top list of goals for 2002

Getting you (if you are your client's authorized representative) the access you need to resolve your client's account via the Internet heads the list of initiatives we've tackled since publishing our E-Government Blueprint a year ago.

Our goal is to implement safe and secure means for getting you access to your clients' balance due and payment information via our website, as well as offering ways for you to use e-Pay to pay your clients' tax bills electronically.

We've already made considerable progress in implementing programs that give taxpayers greater access through the Internet.

For example, if any of your clients receive a nonfiler letter from us, they now can log on to our webpage at, enter a unique 15-digit notice number and access a variety of options for resolving their account.

The program is called the Integrated Nonfiler Compliance Program and through it taxpayers can get information that will assist them in filing tax returns and making payments using one of our various payment options.

They can also download tax forms, correct a misreported social security number, or; send us an email with their questions.

And don't forget our full service website, which gives you and your clients access to a full range of services through one convenient homepage.

To see our E-Government Blueprint, set your browser to Send any comments or questions about our e-gov initiatives to

Legislative analyses available on Internet

On our website you can find pertinent information about the legislation we are tracking.

Go to and click on the Law and Legislation button. There you will find a preview of proposed tax law changes and our analysis of how they might affect your clients if the legislation becomes law.

We also post proposed and final regulations, legal notices and rulings, and links to the Revenue and Taxation Code and the California Code of Regulations.

You can find the full text of bills, resolutions, and constitutional amendments, and their status, history, votes, analyses, and veto messages at, the Official California Legislation Information website.

September/October 2001

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