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Is filing returns getting easier?

Volume 00-5 September/October 2001

TAX NEWS is a bimonthly publication of the Communications Services Bureau, California Franchise Tax Board. Its primary objective is to provide information to income tax practitioners about state income tax laws, regulations, policies and procedures.
Members of the Board:
Kathleen Connell, Chair
 State Controller

Claude Parrish Chair,
 State Board of Equalization

B. Timothy Gage
Director, Department of Finance
Executive Officer:
Gerald H. Goldberg
Editor: Marvin Meek
To update or correct your address or to subscribe to TAX NEWS (send $12 for a one-year subscription), write: TAX NEWS
PO Box 2708 
Rancho Cordova CA
or call: (916) 845-7070

To view TAX NEWS on the Internet or to request an electronic mail subscription, contact FTB on our website:
For information about a client's account, contact:
Tax Practitioner Support
phone: (916) 845-7057
fax: (916) 845-6377
For recorded answers to questions on California taxes, to order forms, or to check on a refund, call: (800) 338-0505
From outside U.S. 
 (916) 845-6600
To send a facsimile about a client's account, transmit to:
Electronic Correspondence
(916) 845-6377
Information Center
(800) 852-5711
From outside U.S.
 (916) 845-6500
Hearing Impaired
TDD (800) 822-6268
FTB on the Internet

Our strategic goals for 2001-2005 include promoting fair and effective tax administration to taxpayers.

In adopting this goal, we continuously strive to make it easier for taxpayers and other stakeholders to file their California income tax return.

We've implemented several new programs aimed at making it easier for you and your customers to interact with us; whether you are filing returns, making payments, or seeking information about state taxes.

But are we making any progress? To find out, we asked 5,000 of our customers to tell us what they think about us.

On July 25 we mailed 5,000 customer service surveys to a random selection of taxpayers who filed Form 540, Form 540A, or Form 540 2EZ for the 2000 tax year.

The survey was designed by an independent consultant from the California State University-Sacramento to measure our customers' satisfaction. The consultant will help administer the survey, receive and tabulate the returned information, and report the final results. We will publish the results once they are available.

This is a follow-up to a customer service survey we conducted in 1998. Back then, we also sent surveys to 5,000 randomly selected California taxpayers who filed Form 540 and 540A for the 1997 tax year.

FTB announces Year 2000 tax form corrections

Please note the following corrections to tax year 2000 California tax forms and instructions. Should you have any questions about these clarifications, contact our Tax Forms Development and Distribution Section at 916. 845.3442.

Instructions for Schedule D-1, Sales of Business Property, Page 2, Column 1, and Line 18 _Corporations, and Column 3, Line 38 _ Corporations. These lines were revised to read as follows:

Form 100 or 100W line 8, other additions; or line 15, other deductions…

The error is in Package X (paper and CD-ROM release 00.1 and release 00.2). The Internet version is correct.

Publication 1032, Tax Information for Military Personnel, Page 4, Column 2, Section I, Child and Dependent Care Expenses Credit, second sentence. 

This sentence has been revised to read as follows:

To be eligible to claim this credit your California adjusted gross income must be less than $100,000.

The error is in Package X (paper and CD-ROM release 00.1 and release 00.2). The Internet version is correct.

Tax Practitioner Services

Tax Practitioner Services Hotline telephone numbers.

Tax Practitioner Hotline
Telephone 916. 845.7057
Fax 916. 845.6377

Personal Income Tax Collection
Fax 916. 845.0494

Business Entities Collection
Fax 916. 845.0145

FTB e-file Help Desk
Telephone 916. 845.0353

September/October 2001

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