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AB 463 changes how interest is abated

Volume 00-3 May/June 2001

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. In circumstances where taxpayers have not included the request for abatement of interest during the original protest but later file an appeal of the proposed deficiency, taxpayers may include a request for the abatement of interest with their appeal of the underlying proposed deficiency.

. It precludes taxpayers from making a separate request at a later time, if taxpayers have protested or appealed the underlying deficiency and have not made a request for abatement of interest during the protest or appeal.

. If a taxpayer does not protest or appeal our adverse action on an underlying proposed deficiency and is only appealing our adverse action on a request to abate that interest, or is requesting an abatement of interest that has accrued between the time the deficiency was final and the time we issued the Notice of Tax Due, the taxpayer may make a request for the abatement of interest on FTB Form 3701, Request for Abatement of Interest. The form can be accessed on the Forms and Publications page of our website.

Go to, click on the Forms and Publications button and go to the Miscellaneous Forms section.

. If taxpayers are denied a request for abatement either by us issuing a Notice of Action or a Notice of Determination, taxpayers may appeal to the State Board of Equalization within 30 days of the date on the notice for unpaid interest, and 90 days for paid interest. Note: This differs from the previous time period to file an appeal on the denial of interest abatements, which was 180 days.

. If we do not respond to taxpayers' request for abatement of certain interest within six months (not including requests made at protest or appeal), they may treat their request as if it was denied and file an appeal with the BOE within the above referenced timeframes.

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May/June 2001

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