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No customer service numbers for practitioners

Electronic return originators still are not required to use customer service numbers when filing returns with us. However, customer service numbers will continue to be a requirement for online self-filers.

We will mail separate customer service numbers to both the taxpayer and spouse.

As time goes on and we implement more and more of our e-government initiatives, customers will need a customer 

service number in order to access many of our new Internet services. For example, in 2002, taxpayers will be able to use their customer service number to view their account online and to verify estimated payments and balance due amounts.

Responding to notices made easier with Internet

You can now instruct clients who receive a notice to file a delinquent return to go to our website and request additional time to reply to the notice.

In most cases, we'll grant 30 additional days to respond to the notice.

Besides requesting additional time to reply to a notice, they can:
. Get answers to questions about their account;
. Reply to the notice;
. Obtain tax forms;
. Retrieve information that can assist them in filing a tax return;

. Research various payment options, and;
. Correct misreported social
security numbers.

To ensure confidentiality, only individuals who have a nonfiler notice will be able to enter this specific website.

Summary of legislation
recently signed into law

More taxpayers paying with credit cards

Advise your clients that California residents can charge their federal and state taxes to a credit card by calling Official Payments Corporation at 1.800.2.PAY.TAX (1.800.272.9829) or by visiting the company's website at

Official Payments Corporation charges a convenience fee amounting to 2.5 percent the tax payment for this service. (We do not charge taxpayers to use their credit card.) To learn more about how you can use the credit card payment option in your business, visit the company's practitioner webpage at

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SB 1185 (Senate Revenue and Taxation Committee)- This Franchise Tax Board sponsored act:
• Renames the "Bank and Corporation Tax Law" as the "Corporation Tax Law,"
• Makes California law substantially the same as the federal law that permits electronic postmarks to be proof of the date an e-file return is filed,

. Adds multi-jurisdictional trusts as participants in our Franchise Tax Board voluntary disclosure program,
• Allows us to initiate action on taxpayer accounts that are overpaid, and;
• Specifies that taxpayers making the federal election to treat a stock purchase as an asset purchase would not trigger a recapture of the Manufacturers' Investment Credit (Stats. 2001, Ch. 543).

November/December 2001

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