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Make sure your 2001 substitute,
scannable forms are approved

If you plan to use substitute and scannable California income tax forms next filing season, be sure that the forms generated by your software program meet our requirements for substitute forms.

All companies that produce or sell substitute and scannable California tax forms must file an agreement with us stating their intent to comply with our requirements for the 2001 tax year. By signing and submitting Form FTB 1096, Agreement to Comply with Franchise Tax Board Publication 1098, the company agrees to follow certain rules for developing substitute and scannable forms. However, that's only part of the process software developers must complete to provide you with approved tax forms.

Each year, computerized tax software developers are also required to submit each of their forms to us for our approval before distributing them. If you are unsure whether the forms you plan to use this upcoming filing season have our approval, ask your 

software provider to show you the FTB letter of approval for each form you plan to use, before you use it. Do not accept a general statement from the software company that all their company's forms have been approved. Instead, give your software company a list of forms you plan to use and ask them to provide you with a copy of the FTB letter of approval for each form.

Companies that either sell or provide photocopies of official FTB forms do not need to submit them for approval.

Using unapproved forms may seem like a harmless infraction but it's not. Submitting unapproved forms can cause processing delays and in those cases where we can't process the form, we will have to contact your clients directly in order to process their returns.

By press time the following companies had filed a form FTB 1096 with us. Go to Tax News Online for the most current list of companies.

Company Name  Telephone Number

2nd Story Software, Inc. 319.373.3600
5227 Tax System, Inc. 800.592.5227
Able-Wagner, Inc. 714.572.8585
Accountant Stationers
& Printers 800.423.9717
Alpine Data, Inc. 800.525.1040
American Financial & Tax 714.669.1172
Arthur Andersen 941.341.5000
ATX Forms, Inc 800.944.8883
Block Financial Corp. 617.491.1800
C&S Technologies, Inc. 408.935.8468
CCH, Inc (Torrance) 800.739.9998
CCH, Inc. (Wichita) 316.612.5000
CFS Tax Software, Inc. 800.343.1157
CPA Software 850.434.2685
Creative Solutions 800.968.0600
Data Technology Group Not Available
Deloitte & Touche Tax
Technologies LLC 847.236.8000
Drake Software 828.524.8020
EXACTAX, Inc. 800.583.3536
File Your Taxes.Com 805.984.0248

Company Name  Telephone Number

NumberGolden State Tax Training Institute, Inc. 847.459.3300
H&R Block, Inc 816.504.1188
HowardSoft 858.454.0121
Image One, Inc. 818.701.3090
Inland Society of Tax
Consultants Not Available
Intuit/Lacerte 858.784.1545
Integrated Tax Software, Inc. 800.487.8291
Jackson Hewitt Tax Service Not Available
Jones Lang LaSalle, Inc. 312.782.5800
Micro Vision Software, Inc. 631.232.1040
Nelco 920.337.1000
On-Line Taxes, Inc. 816.232.0095
Orrtax Software, Inc. 425.649.8291
Paul Cornish 909.678.3561
Petz Enterprises, Inc. 209.835. 2720
Coopers LLP 214.999.1400
Pro-BATE Software 970.336.5973
Prudential Securities Incorporated Not Available

Company Name  Telephone Number

Regents of the University of CA, Los Angeles 310.794.8726
Rhodes Computer Services, Inc. 706.868.0985
RIA 800.327.8829
SDDS Computer Accting 909.987.2408
Spidell Publishing, Inc. 714.776.7850
STF Services Corporation 800.541.7197
The Northern Trust Co. Not Available
Tax Biz 408.243.1472
Tax$imple, Inc. 800.989.8955
Tax Link, Inc. 614.457.1949
Tax Systems, Inc. Not Available
Taxware Systems, Inc. 800.877.1065
Taxworks by Laser Systems 801.552.8800
TMI Tax Services, Inc. 952.935.6111
Tritech Software Development Corp. 800.380.6407
Universal Tax Systems, Inc. 706.232.7757
Weaver Tax Service 408.258.0912
Xpress Software 800.808.1040

November/December  2001

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