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Time to order 2001 Package X

We are now accepting orders for the 2001 California Package X. Bigger and better than ever, the 2001 edition will contain two volumes: one for individual income tax forms and a second for business entity tax forms.

The 2001 California Package X comes in both paper and electronic formats. The two paper versions; bound and loose-leaf, cost $17 plus sales tax. The best value, however, is the CD-ROM for Windows version. It costs $15 (plus sales tax) and comes with:

• 2001 California Package X forms
• 2001 Internal Revenue 
Service Package X forms
• Many fillable forms
• California Package X forms for the four previous years
• Information on electronic filing (e-file)

The CD-ROM also has a search feature so that you can locate references to special words or terms in both the tax forms and instructions. And in March, you will receive a second disk with updated forms. The federal forms will arrive on a separate disk.

You can use the CD-ROM if you have:

• A 486DX or Pentium computer with a processor speed of 33 megahertz or faster.
• Microsoft Windows 95, 98, 2001or NT 4.0 (or later versions).
• Eight megabytes of RAM.
• Double speed or greater CD-ROM drive capable of reading
ISO 9660 format.
• VGA, SVGA or higher resolution color video display/adapter.
• PostScript Windows - compatible printer or Hewlett - Packard LaserJet III and above with one megabyte of user RAM.

For our print Tax News customers we've provided a personalized order form on the back of this issue. Use the special order form on the back page of this issue to order your 2001 Package X. When completing the form be sure you:

. Use only the personalized 2001 order form provided on the back page of this issue. Do not use a form from a previous year. Using an outdated order form will delay your order, even if you cross out the year and write in 2001.
. Make any necessary corrections to the name and mailing address printed on the form.
. Provide your current
telephone number.
. Add the amounts for your Package X and Tax News orders, and apply the appropriate amount of sales tax to the Package X order based on the county of your residence. (Refer to the sales tax table provided on this page.) Remember: Do not apply sales tax to the Tax News order amount.

. Be sure to enclose your check or money order, payable to the "Franchise Tax Board." Orders without payments are not processed. Please do not send cash.

Mail the order form and your check or money order to:

Package X/Tax News
PO Box 2708
Rancho Cordova CA

Attention Tax News electronic version customers:

If you are reading an electronic version of this issue, you will not find an order form. If you did not receive a personalized order form either in your print version of Tax News or in the mail, go to our webpage and download an order form. Here's how:

• Go to our Package X webpage at packageX.

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Sales Tax

California residents ordering Package X must add sales tax to their total, based on their county of residence. Remember: Do not add sales tax to your Tax News amount. Here are the sales tax rates for California's counties:

Alameda 8%
Alpine 7%
Amador 8% 
Butte 7%
Calaveras 7%
Colusa 7%
Contra Costa 8%
Del Norte 7%
El Dorado 7%
Fresno 7.625%
Glenn 7%
Humboldt 7%
Imperial 7.50%
Inyo 7.50%
Kern 7%
Kings 7%
Lake 7%
Lassen 7%
Los Angeles 8%
Madera 7.50%

Marin 7%
Mariposa 7.50%
Mendocino 7%
Merced 7%
Modoc 7%
Mono 7%
Monterey 7%
Napa 7.50%
Nevada 7.125%
Orange 7.50%
Placer 7%
Plumas 7%
Riverside 7.50%
Sacramento 7.50%
San Benito 7%
San Bernardino 7.50%
San Diego 7.50%
San Francisco 8.25%
San Joaquin 7.50%

S. Luis Obispo 7%
San Mateo 8%
Santa Barbara 7.50%
Santa Clara 8%
Santa Cruz 7.75%
Shasta 7%
Sierra 7%
Siskiyou 7%
Solano 7.125%
Sonoma 7.25%
Stanislaus 7.125%
Sutter 7%
Tehama 7%
Trinity 7%
Tulare 7%
Tuolumne 7%
Ventura 7%
Yolo 7%
Yuba 7%

November/December 2001

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