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FTB Moving to Digital Office

Did you know we are transitioning into a digital office? Thanks to EDR, we are in the process of imaging approximately 10 million pieces of correspondence, four million Personal Income Tax (PIT) returns, nearly one million Business Entity returns, and over eight million checks annually. Why is that important to you? We will load the imaged data. Beginning in the fall of 2014, you will be able to access the data in MyFTB Account (Taxpayer Folder).

Our first digital office milestone was reached when we successfully implemented EDR Release 2.0 on June 30, 2013. With EDR, we automated processing for a small test group of correspondence and our staff now has electronic access to more data. We use the new EDR processes and procedures to automatically prepare, scan, and electronically route nonremit Personal Income Tax (PIT) Return Information Notice (RIN) correspondence. We electronically route RIN correspondence to the appropriate work areas for staff to access, view, and process.

In addition to the new correspondence process, we made some tax return, payment, and contact information for 35 million PIT taxpayers viewable for our staff. After full implementation, we anticipate that electronic handling of our correspondence and quick staff access to taxpayer information will increase our response times and improve our customer service.

Coming in Release 2.1, planned for December 2013, we will broaden the Release 2.0 pilot to include more staff and more types of correspondence. By next summer, we will begin to image and process all of our correspondence electronically and continue to load this additional data and make it available on MyFTB Account.

These improvements will move us to a digital office and provide our taxpayers and tax professionals more self-service options.

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