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EDR Helps Us Improve Our Service

Since its inception in July 2011, Enterprise Data to Revenue (EDR) delivered a variety of tools that make it better and easier for taxpayers and tax practitioners to do business with us. Here is a summary of just some of the many improvements EDR has already made.

More Convenient Installment Agreements

Early on, EDR implemented up-front validation checks to the installment agreement web application. This provides better service to the taxpayers by letting them know sooner if they qualify for an installment agreement. In addition, EDR allowed taxpayers to set up installment agreements by making a free phone call to an easy-to-use self-service application. The application improves the installment payment plan process while freeing call center staff to assist more taxpayers with complex issues.

Another Chance to Resolve Collection Issues

In June 2012, we began using an automated calling system to contact personal income tax taxpayers to resolve their collection issues, and later we began using the automated calling system to call businesses. We immediately connect taxpayers with a live agent or leave a message for them to call us back. This new contact method allows us to help more taxpayers resolve their issues and avoid entering our involuntary collection process.

More Efficient Return Processing

In January 2013, we implemented 2D-barcode technology, allowing us to capture all the data from PIT paper-filed returns quickly and efficiently. As more software developers add 2D barcodes to returns, the volume of data captured from PIT returns will continue to expand. This makes our paper-return processing faster and more accurate, often resulting in faster refunds for taxpayers.

With just over two years to go, EDR will continue to make improvements to our customer service by expanding the options and data available on MyFTB Account, enhancing our Interactive Voice Response system, and more.

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