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Two Milestones on December 31, 2013

On December 31, 2013, we will achieve two important milestones. First, we will add Business Entity and Form 541 tax returns to our tax return filing and payment processing pilots. This implementation marks the completion of EDR’s tax return filing and payment processing effort by making these processes more efficient. Currently, we scan paper filed tax returns, including attachments, W-2s, and checks on our IBML scanners. We also deposit all checks through Image Cash Letter. We will add Form 541 and 540X to the types of forms and related attachments we scan. We will also capture even more data from the business entity tax returns we scan. This is a huge milestone!

The second milestone we will accomplish on December 31, 2013, extends and expands our personal income tax correspondence pilot. Our new EDR process allows us to scan and electronically route the scanned image of correspondence to the appropriate work area for processing. These changes help us to handle our correspondence more efficiently. In addition to the three PIT Return Information Notices (RINs) we began scanning on June 30, we will add 30 additional forms.

We accomplished two important EDR milestones by completing our tax return filing and payment processing effort and extending and expanding our PIT correspondence pilot!


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