Tax News
April 2013

Tax Tips 2013

Helpful information for the 2013 filing season. / more+

What Constitutes a Valid "Filing?"

What constitutes a valid ‘filing’ if the business entity is filing solely for purposes of reporting the minimum/annual tax? / more+

Tax Returns for Military Personnel

If your practice includes preparing tax returns for military personnel, here are a few reminders about some special benefits that may be available to them. / more+

FTB en Español – Social Media

We increased our outreach efforts to Spanish speaking taxpayers using Twitter and Facebook. / more+

Why Knowing Your California Nonresident Clients’ Worldwide Income is Important

Why, do I have to report my worldwide income if California can only tax California sourced income?” / more+

Ask the Advocate

New Form for Requesting Relief from the Advocate

As promised, form FTB 3705, Request for Taxpayer Advocate Equity Relief, is now available online. / more+

Event Calendar

As part of education and outreach to our tax professional community, we participate in many different presentations and fairs. We now provide a combined-calendar to show the events we are attending as well as other events happening with us such as interested party and board meetings.  / more+

EDR in the News

See what’s new with our new Enterprise Data to Revenue (EDR) project. / more+

Inside FTB

Take a look at the changes happening here at FTB. / more+

Criminal Corner

Read about our efforts to bring tax criminals to justice, and to close the tax gap one case at a time. / more+

Big Business

Proposition 39’s Single Sales Factor is Not Just for Corporate Taxpayers

“An apportioning trade or business,” which includes a nonresident’s business, trade, or profession that carries on within and out of California is now required to apportion business income using the single sales factor. More+