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EDR Release 1.0

We are laying the foundation for more efficient return and payment processing by deploying the first release of the Enterprise Data to Revenue Project (EDR), Release 1.0.

We will kick-off EDR Release 1.0 on September 30, 2012, which includes reengineering of return processing. This will allow us to reduce sorts and wait times to get paper returns to the scanners faster. We will begin scanning all pages of the 2011 Form 540 including attachments, payments, and W-2s. Previously, we only scanned the first three pages of the return.

With EDR Release 1.0, we will also implement electronic imaging and deposit for paper checks. This means we will deposit checks by transmitting electronic images to our bank accounts, rather than taking the paper checks to the bank. This process is also called Image Cash Letter or Check 21.

Implementation of Release 1.0 represents a significant milestone for the EDR Project. The expanded data capture from returns and attachments is a key component to realizing the project's $4.7 billion revenue target. Capturing full images of the returns and payments allows us to eliminate paper, speed up processing, and improve customer service.

Release 1.0 is a pilot and is limited to the 2011 540 returns. A pilot is a low risk way to try out our new systems and processes. Implementing this pilot during October's final filing days allows us to refine our procedures for Release 1.0.1 which will be implemented on December 31, 2012. We expect to receive approximately 200,000 tax year 2011 540 returns during this period.

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