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Strategic Plan Available Online

We are pleased to announce our new Strategic Plan is posted to our website. The plan covers the period of 2012 through 2016 and directs our long term goals and strategies to achieve the highest levels of service and excellence in tax administration for state government and California’s taxpayers. The cornerstone of our mission statement – helping taxpayers file accurate and timely returns and pay the proper amount owed – is based on a strengthened commitment to treat taxpayers as customers. Doing this means that we will work hard to establish productive and positive relationships with all our customers and help them stay on track and voluntarily meet their tax obligations.

Our plan is the result of a year-long collaborative process that included our senior staff, several outside interest groups, agency partners, and an employee focus group. Our Mission and Vision statements highlight the importance we place on our knowledgeable and engaged employees as they continue to excel in giving their best for California taxpayers and achieving their fullest potential.

We are very aware of headlines today and the challenges that we may face in the future, yet our Strategic Plan looks forward to the future with optimism. We developed four goals together with strategies that are agile and built with flexibility to allow us to meet these challenges over the next five years. In addition, the plan brings out the importance of our Enterprise Data to Revenue (EDR) project. This project is the largest in our history and will contribute in major ways to increase our efficiencies, service and enforcement goals.

We invite you to review our plan and contact our Planning, Performance, and Project Oversight Bureau with any questions at 916.845.3165.

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