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Time to Purge Our Files

It is the time of year to purge individual taxpayer information. According to our document and data retention policy for individual taxpayers, we started purging individual taxpayer data in June.

We recognize the public's concern about privacy and the increasing amount of information we collect and use. To address these concerns, we adopted the Information Privacy Principles for Individuals. These principles, based on the California Information Practices Act, demonstrate our commitment to protect and use individual taxpayer’s information responsibly. Specifically, the data retention principle states that we retain information only as long as necessary to address our business needs for that information for it.

The guidelines state we retain tax year information for seven years from the due date of the return, seven years from the date the return was filed, or, in the case of an open audit issue, four years from the resolution date, whichever is later.

Our data retention policy informs taxpayers that we delete their old data for their protection and security.

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