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Permission to Access MyFTB Account

You shared many positive stories of how helpful the information provided by us in MyFTB Account is to taxpayers and tax professionals, especially being able to view the estimated payment information when preparing returns.

As filing season approaches, we want to remind tax professionals that although you may possess the tax return information needed to access your clients’ MyFTB Accounts, you should also have their permission. Permission is between you and your client. Our permission is not required.

How tax professionals choose to gain permission is a personal choice. Some potential ways to obtain permission might include:

  • Using Form FTB 3520, Power of Attorney.
  • Using IRS Form 2848, Power of Attorney
  • Using Form FTB 743, Online Account View Access Authorization.
  • Having clients sign and date a Client or Engagement letter that includes permission language.

Remember that because this is an agreement between you and your clients, you should retain the permission agreement in your files. Only the Power of Attorney Form FTB 3520 must be submitted to us. Do not mail Form FTB 743 to us, as it was created merely to assist you in obtaining and confirming a client’s permission.

For a copy of the Form FTB 743, Online Account View Access Authorization, go to and search for FTB 743. If you choose to use this form, keep in mind that the authorization remains in effect until your client revokes it in writing. So, you may want to get former clients to give you written revocation for your files when an FTB 743 was previously used.

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