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Enterprise Data to Revenue (EDR)

In July, we launched the Enterprise Data to Revenue (EDR) project; the largest tax project we have ever undertaken. The EDR Project is a 66-month effort that results in better service for our stakeholders, a higher level of transparency than we provide currently, and more revenue—about $1 billion dollars annually.

The EDR Project implementation includes reengineering our document processing systems, creating an enterprise data warehouse, and developing an online Taxpayer Folder for taxpayers and their representatives.

While a key project benefit is revenue - EDR will also provide better customer service to taxpayers and their representatives. EDR will allow us to process returns, payments, and other documents faster and more accurately. Notices will be easier to understand and taxpayers and their representatives will have delivery options for information regarding their accounts, like email and text message.

The Taxpayer Folder will provide an online suite of information and services designed to allow stakeholders to access the account information they need, when they need it. Planned Taxpayer Folder services and functions include:

  • View return, payment, notice, collection, and audit history.
  • Request extensions.
  • Calculate penalties.
  • Protest audits, grant power of attorney.
  • Request an installment arrangement.

In June 2011, the Department of General Services awarded contract services to CGI Technologies and Solutions, Inc., as the prime solution provider for the project. We have worked with CGI on other important projects over the past decade and have built a very successful relationship with them. This fall, we will provide important information about the EDR Project on our website,

Watch our project video:

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