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Development of FTB Strategic Plan for 2012-2016

With our current five year strategic plan ending December 2011, we began developing the next strategic plan to guide us over the next five years. In December 2010, we began to analyze the challenges, risks, and opportunities facing us, including future, demographic, and economic climate, our workforce issues, and information technology advancement. This approach generated a new direction of thought and a new mission statement, goals, and strategies that stretch our service to reach for higher levels of excellence for California taxpayers and their representatives. In addition, for the first time our executive leadership team included our stakeholders in the development of this plan. We followed this new approach because we value the insights and perspectives of our customers. We expect to provide more transparency of our daily responsibilities and programs and enhance the partnership between us and those who interact with us. In late July and early August, we conducted four Stakeholder Focus Groups. The groups represented were:

  • More than 60 staff from various areas and classifications.
  • Certified public accountants, enrolled agents, and tax professionals.
  • California Tax Education Council and California Bar Association members.
  • Chamber of Commerce and large and small business representatives.
  • Government advocates, federal, state, and local agencies.

We encouraged each group to discuss any concerns and suggestions among their peers/associates in the room. The strategic planning team reviewed the feedback and uncovered themes to use as they rework the plan’s components. In addition, the team is developing performance measures we will use to ensure business processes achieve the desired results described in our mission statement, goals, and strategies. Our next step is to present to our Board in the fall, attain approval, and make the 2012/2016 Strategic Plan available on our website by January 2012.

We learned many benefits in the development of this next five year plan. The most important was to take the time and examine all factors that influence our ability to carry out our mission and include our stakeholders in the development process. We believe we produced our most innovative, forward thinking, vigorous, and transparent plan.

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