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City Business Tax Program Expansion Begins in January

With so many municipalities strapped for cash these days, the City Business Tax (CBT) Program is a win-win for both state and local governments. During this year’s expansion, 23 new cities joined which brings the total number of California cities choosing to participate to 107.

This program has been in existence in one form or another since the 1990s. Today, utilizing our Secure Web Internet File Transfer (SWIFT) system, we exchange data files with participating cities. We use city data to find business licensees that may not be filing state income tax returns; and cities use our data to find businesses that may not be paying local taxes.

The revenue we collect from this program goes back into the General Fund where a portion funds local programs such as education, transportation, and health and human services.

The expansion is scheduled to begin in January 2012. For more information go to how to participate, frequently asked questions, and a listing of participating cities, or go to and search city business tax.

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