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Steve Sims, Taxpayers' Rights Advocate.

Annual Advisory Board Summary

Each year, our executive officer convenes one or more meetings of her advisory board to discuss issues relating to how we administers policies, procedures, and interpretation of California income tax laws. This year, a meeting took place on August 31. As Taxpayers’ Rights Advocate, I act as a facilitator during the meeting.

Members of this board represent various organizations and industries such as the California Society of Certified Public Accountants, the California Bar, the California Tax Education Committee, the California Taxpayer's Association, Senate Revenue and Taxation Committee, Internal Revenue Service, Assembly Revenue and Taxation Committee, and California Society of Enrolled Agents. Our division chiefs and subject matter experts who answer questions submitted by members in advance attended the meeting. The members work with our staff to resolve issues of mutual concern, and provide insight and contributions from a non-FTB point of view to our executive officer on the various projects and programs we administer.

The advisory board members include:

Joseph Bankman

Vicki Mulak

Joe Calderaro

Joyce Peneau

David Doerr

J. Pat Powers

Bernice Fischer

Gary Renville

Lynn Freer

Charles Rettig

Lenny Goldberg

Jean Ross

Colin Grinnell

Terry Ryan

Don Hug

Jai Sookprasert

Oksana Jaffe

Walter Thomas

John Karayan

John Woodford

Chris Micheli

Kathleen Wright

Gayle Miller


The agenda was packed with information on our current projects, legislation, litigation, and many topics of concern. Here are several links to recent Tax News articles that go into detail about the hot topics discussed:

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