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It’s now tax season and working 9 to 5 is just a memory. It seems that you get those pesky questions after our phone lines close or in some cases even before they are open. Well, you might be surprised at all the information you can get from our website 24-hours a day. In this article, we will be highlighting information that you can access for individual taxpayers. For instructions on how to register to view your clients MyFTB Account, see our homepage.

Estimated Tax and Other Payment Information

You can use MyFTB Account to:

  • View up to 25 estimated tax payments, estimate transfers, and extension payments made as a prepayment of the taxes you expect to owe.

  • View up to 60 of the most recent payments applied to your balance due.

Your clients can subscribe to our estimated tax payment email reminder service.

Account Summary

You can use MyFTB Account to view a summary of:

  • Each tax year with a balance due.

  • Up to 10 tax years with a balance and the total amount due.

Wage, Withholding, and FTB 1099-G and 1099-INT Information

You can use MyFTB Account to view up to:

  • Four years of California wage and withholding information.

  • Three years of FTB-issued 1099-G and 1099-INT information.

Installment Agreements

If your clients are unable to pay taxes and meet certain conditions, they can request an installment agreement. They can make their request by clicking on the Payment Options link located on the left-hand side of our homepage.

Head of Household (HOH)

If your client has received an HOH Audit Letter, they can respond to our questionnaire online by clicking on the HOH Audit Letter link located on the left-hand side of our homepage under Online Services.

Where’s My Refund!

Does your client need to know when they are getting their California tax refund right NOW? They can check their refund status by clicking on the “Check your refund status” link located in the center of our homepage. They can also check their refund status from their smart phone.

New Tax Law and Hot Topics

Want to find out what the latest hot tax topic is? Of course you do! Just click on either the Individual or Business tab and the first item on the page is “What's new or under discussion”.

Address or Phone Number Changes

Your clients can use MyFTB Account to change their address or phone numbers. This insures that we send their refund or other tax related correspondence to their current address. They can also change their address online with the U. S. Post Office by visiting their website:

Got Forms?

Available for both individuals and business entities, you can download your 2010 tax forms from our website by clicking on the Forms and Publications tab at the top of the homepage. In addition to current year tax forms, you can download prior year tax forms and instructions from 1994 through 2009.

Need Publications?

Available for both individuals and business entities, you can also view or download our publications from our website clicking on the Forms and Publications tab at the top of the homepage. Here is a list of our most downloaded publications for individuals:

  • FTB 761 PIT, Top 10 Personal Income Tax Errors.
  • Pub. 1001, Supplemental Guidelines to California Adjustments.
  • Pub. 1005, Pension and Annuity Guidelines.
  • Pub. 1031, Guidelines for Determining Resident Status.
  • Pub. 1032, Tax Information for Military Personnel.

Email Us

Where can you go if you have questions that cannot be answered via our website? You can email your general tax (individual and business entity) questions to us. We generally respond to your email within two working days. We recommend that you include your phone in the email so we can call you and discuss your question. To send us an email, click on the Contact Us tab at the top of our website. Then click on either Email at the top of the next page or click on the Send Email button at the bottom of the next page.

Send Email button at the bottom of the next page.
This is not a secure email site, so do not send any account-related or confidential questions to this email address.

Live Internet Chat

Starting in early March, we will launch a new pilot program, internet live chat. You will be able to communicate with a representative via the internet to get information about law, general filing assistance, navigation, and self service options on our website. Look for our announcement on our website.

You Have to Call. End Waiting on Hold Use Virtual Hold

For those occasions when it is necessary to talk to a phone agent about confidential account information, many of our toll-free call centers provide virtual hold technology, allowing callers the choice of receiving a call back from a call agent rather than waiting on hold. Since implementing virtual hold six months ago 63 percent of callers took advantage of the virtual hold option.

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