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Carol Williams, Chief of the Accounts Receivable Management Division.

Carol D. Williams Appointed Chief of the Accounts Receivable Management Division

As Chief, Carol manages the collection program policy and operations for delinquent business and personal income tax. The division collects various non-tax debts referred from other departments including certain court-ordered fines, fees, restitution orders, and delinquent vehicle registration.

Carol started her career in 1992, as a tax auditor. Since that time she has held a variety of positions in the Audit, Filing, and Accounts Receivable Management Divisions. Carol led and managed large projects including the court ordered debt statewide expansion project and our very successful tax amnesty project generating over $700 million in 2005.

Carol earned her Bachelor of Science degree in business administration with a concentration in accounting from San Francisco State University.

Carol works closely with the Taxpayers’ Rights Advocate to resolve issues related to collections matters.

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