Tax News
December 2011

Taxpayers’ Bill of Rights Hearing

The next Taxpayers’ Bill of Rights Hearing is scheduled to occur during the next meeting of the Franchise Tax Board on December 1, 2011, beginning at 1:30 p.m.  / more+

Amended Returns and Collection Action

What should tax practitioners do when filing an amended return that will reduce or eliminate their client’s outstanding tax liability that is in collections with us? / more+

Did You Submit Form 589, Nonresident Reduced Withholding Request?

If you submitted reduced withholding requests, please note recent processing changes.  / more+

Available Now:
Online Form 589 Request Reduced Withholding Webinar

Free Online Form 589 to Request Reduced Withholding webinar.  / more+

Upcoming Live:
Free California Source Income Withholding Webinar

We will host a free California source income withholding webinar in December 2011.  / more+

Estimated Tax Payment – Mandatory e-Pay Requirement Reminder

As the 2011 tax year comes to close, we know that many of your personal income tax clients make their final 2011 estimated tax payment in December in order to deduct the payment on their 2011 federal return.  / more+

Understanding the Real Estate Tax Deduction

Did you know that not all real estate taxes are deductible?  / more+

Forming a Business Publication Revised

Need a quick overview about forming a business entity?  / more+

New Laws Enacted

Governor Brown used every last minute until the October 9 deadline to consider the bills presented to him.  / more+

Tax News Flashes

Flashed November 1:
Schedule CA Changes Delayed

Each year we make changes to our forms for the upcoming filing season.  / more+

Ask the Advocate

CalCPA Meeting Summary

On October 26, we attended the California Society of Certified Public Accountants (CalCPA) Annual Liaison meeting.  / more+

Event Calendar

As part of education and outreach to our tax professional community, we participate in many different presentations and fairs. We provided this calendar to show the events we are attending. / more+

EDR in the News

We are introducing our new Enterprise Data to Revenue (EDR) project news column.  / more+

Inside FTB

Take a look at the changes happening here at FTB.  / more+

Big Business

Voluntary Compliance Initiative (VCI2) Results

VCI2 results exceeded expectations. / more+