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Chaptered or Vetoed? - That is the Question

After the longest budget delay in state history, the Legislature and the Governor reach an agreement in early October. The following is a list of bills related to us, with a brief description, that were chaptered and a list of the bills that were vetoed as part the budget negotiations.

AB 183 Principle Residence Credit 10-12
AB 347 Haiti Earthquake 10-8
AB 680 Tax Levy Administration 10-4
AB 1585 State Agencies Submit Required Reports as Printed Copies to Legislative Counsel and Secretary Of Senate and as Electronic Copies to Assembly Chief Clerk/Bills Requiring Reports Shall Include Repeal Date 10-7
AB 2091 Public Records/Exempt Public Agency Information Security Records From Disclosure if Facts of Case of Disclosure Would Reveal Vulnerabilities or Increase Potential for Attack 10-205
AB 2177 Allow Electronic Communication to Taxpayers to Inform Of Tax Change or Obligation 10-136
SB 401 Conformity Act of 2010 10-14
AB 658 CA Police Activities League 10-346
AB 1088 CA Veterans Home Fund 10-355
AB 1530 FTB Order of Restitution for Collections 10-359
AB 1662 Disaster Loss Deduction/Excess Loss Carryover/August 2009 Los Angeles, Monterey, Placer, and July 2010 Kern County Wildfires and January 2010 Calaveras, Imperial, Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, San Bernardino, San Francisco, and Siskiyou County Winter Storms 10-447
AB 1690 Disaster Loss/Humboldt 10-449
AB 1983 Safely Surrendered Baby Fund 10-587
AB 2136 Disaster Loss Deduction/Excess Loss Carryover/April 2010 Imperial County Earthquake 10-461
AB 2408 State Government Information Technology/Statutory Codification Changes Made Necessary By Governor’s Reorganization Plan No. 1 Of 2009 10-404
AB 2671 Minimum Franchise Tax and Annual Tax/Exempt Corporations and Limited Liability Company Small Businesses Owned Solely by Deployed Member Of U.S. Armed Forces that Operate at A Loss or Ceases Operation 10-394
SB 392 Limited Liability Companies/Contractors 10-698
SB 657 FTB Provide AG with Company Name and California Identification Numbers For Retailers and Manufacturers with Gross Receipts Over $100 Million 10-556
SB 1008 Limited Partnerships and Foreign Limited Partnerships/Engineers and Land Surveyors 10-634
SB 1065 Innocent Spouse Law Conformity 10-318
SB 1076 Arts Council Fund 10-319
SB 1492 Voluntary Disclosure Agreements 10-498
SBX8-29 FTB, BOE, and employees in Position Funded 95% by Other Sources than General Fund Exempt from Furloughs
SBX8-32 Conformity Act of 2010
AB 1506 Registered Warrants Use to Pay Tax
AB 1899 State Agencies Post Specified Audits and Contracts to the Reporting Transparency in Government Internet Web Site
AB 1987 State Employees/Retirees Who Have Not Reinstated May Not Perform Services for State Until Separated from Service for at Least 180 Days
AB 2008 FTB and BOE Employees Exempt from Furloughs
AB 2017 California Youth Leadership Fund
AB 2458 Underpayment Penalty for Small Businesses Shall be Due and Payable 60 Days from Notification
AB 2666 FTB Compile Information on Any Tax Expenditure Claimed and Reported by Publicly Traded Company and Submit to State Chief Information Officer for Publication on the Reporting Transparency in Government Internet Website
SB 1166 State Agencies Notify California Residents of Any Breach of Security of System or Data/Additional Notification Requirements/if Notification to More than 500 Residents Must Also Submit Electronically to Attorney General
SB 1272 Tax Expenditures/Add 7 Year Sunset
SB 1425 Public Retirement Retiree Final Compensation/Establish Regulation that Retired Persons May Not Perform Services for Any State or Local Retirement System Employer Until Separated from Service for at Least 180 Days

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