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Do All Your Tax Stuff Online!

With instant access to taxpayer information, 24 hours a day, doing your tax stuff online will save you, and your clients, time and hassle.

Plus, doing your business online is another way to save natural resources, like trees.

Here is just some of the stuff you can do at

  • e-file options – Find all the e-file information you need.
  • Payment options– Make payments using Web Pay, credit cards, electronic funds transfers, and installment agreements.
  • MyFTB account – Verify estimated payments, and more.
  • Subscription services – Sign up to receive emails regarding the latest in tax news and hot e-file issues. Advise your clients to sign up for email reminders to make their estimated tax payments.
    • 100/100S/100W Corporation Return, including Combined Reporting
    • 565 Partnership Return
    • 568 Limited Liability Company Return

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