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No Longer Mailing Tax Booklets

We will no longer mass-mail tax booklets to taxpayers.

Taxpayers expecting a tax booklet this year will instead receive a letter informing them of the change and information on e-filing or how to obtain a tax booklet.

As of early November, 75 percent of all returns received, more than 11 million, were e-filed. For paper returns, most taxpayers using this method printed forms either from commercial tax preparation software products or from our website, Fewer than 550,000 taxpayers used forms provided in the tax booklets.

All 2010 tax forms and instructions will be available on our website. Taxpayers who want a traditional tax booklet can call the automated telephone service, 800.338.0505, to order tax forms. The most commonly used forms will also be available at many local libraries and post offices.

For the past several years, we reduced the number of mailed booklets as more and more taxpayers turn to e-filing. Last year, we discontinued mailing the 540NR tax booklet due to its decreased use.

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