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 IRS helps small businesses, self-employed locate essential information

Two new IRS products make it easier for small businesses and the self-employed to locate the information they need on the IRS’s website,

These new products are part of a year-long campaign to help educate new self-employed small business owners about federal tax responsibilities and about filing Schedule C, Profit or Loss from Business

Publication 4667, Tax Information for Small Businesses and the Self-Employed, is a free, laminated bookmark with key search words to help locate important tax information on quickly and easily. You can order this free bookmark on the Small Business Products Online Ordering page.

The “Self-employed Individual’s Tax Center” is a new webpage available on that is a one-stop starting point for small businesses and self-employed taxpayers who file Schedule C with their Form 1040. It provides links to information on the most common issues faced by new business owners.

Start your free subscription to e-News for Small Businesses to get the latest information about future Schedule C program events, and to learn about new products and services as they become available. Subscribing is easy - just go to the subscription page at, type in your email address and submit.