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 FTB acts quickly on feedback from stakeholders

We received valuable feedback from stakeholders at two separate meetings held in July and August 2008, and have taken action accordingly.

Changes to the Tax Practitioner Hotline

At the annual Executive Officer’s Advisory Board meeting on July 22, 2008, members of the tax professional community offered advice, asked questions, and heard program presentations. Among other issues, practitioners discussed the FTB Tax Practitioner Hotline. They reported that their calls to the Hotline often resulted in a busy signal, followed by disconnection. They have had to redial several times to get through to the Hotline.

Here’s what we’ve done to correct this situation:

  • We redirected staff from within the same bureau to assist with Hotline calls and correspondence.
  • Between August 1 and August 11, 2008, we increased the capacity of the call-waiting queue from 12 to 30 calls. This 150 percent increase in queue depth will reduce the number of calls that are disconnected after getting a busy signal. More tax practitioners can wait on hold to talk with one of our Hotline customer services representatives, without getting disconnected.

To avoid waiting, we encourage potential callers to take advantage of the self-service opportunities on our website For personal income tax accounts, find  "Online Services" to the left on our home page, click on "My FTB Account" and follow the procedures to access your client's account. The website is available around the clock, and you will view the same information our staff sees.

Decision made: California Schedule M-3 postponed

FTB held an Interested Parties meeting on August 11, 2008, to discuss our proposed California Schedule M-3 (Net Income (Loss) Reconciliation) for Corporations, S Corporations, Limited Liability Companies, and certain partnerships. (See August 2008 Tax News for the article FTB is developing a California Schedule M-3.)

Based on comments we received at this meeting we will not be issuing a 2008 California Schedule M-3. We will continue working on this schedule for the 2009 tax year, and will conduct another Interested Party Meeting in November 2008 to continue the discussion with tax professionals.