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California's e-service options are ahead of the curve


You have probably heard of MySpace or YouTube, but have you heard of My FTB Account? Like MySpace and YouTube, My FTB Account is another marvel of Internet technology, and your first stop for viewing PIT taxpayer information and services including:

  • The last 25 estimated tax payments.
  • Up to 60 recent payments applied to a balance due, total current balance due.
  • A summary of up to 10 tax years with a balance due.
  • A maximum of four years of California wage and withholding information.
  • Up to three years of FTB-issued 1099-G and 1099-INT information. 

My FTB Account is just a click away from other valuable taxpayer services like Web Pay, where a taxpayer can make payments online and apply for Individual Electronic Installment Agreements. We designed My FTB Account to be customer-friendly and adaptable for the future of e-services. Using My FTB Account can prevent one of the most common errors: claiming the wrong amount of estimated tax payments, which may delay refunds or cause taxpayers to receive unexpected tax bills. 

For the future, we are exploring ways to enhance My FTB Account to provide true one-stop shopping for all taxpayer assistance services. In addition to the services above, imagine visiting just one site to make a payment, check a refund status, or check an e-file status. We plan to include all of these e-services in My FTB Account.

To access My FTB Account, go to and enter “my account” in the search field. Check out the Frequently Asked Questions page for answers to the most common questions.