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FTB tax refunds worth nearly $10 million go unclaimed

You may have clients who are owed a California tax refund. More than 37,000 California taxpayers are owed $9.8 million in state tax refunds that remain unclaimed, and we are trying to find them.

This year we issued nearly 10 million refunds worth more than $8.4 billion. At issue are uncashed individual refunds ranging from a few dollars to more than $68,000. In many cases the U.S. Post Office returns the refund checks to FTB as undeliverable, often because taxpayers have moved between the times they filed their taxes and when the refunds were mailed. Addresses for more than 5,000 unclaimed refunds worth more than $2 million are listed as "invalid city," "outside California," and "redacted."

FTB automatically reissues returned refunds once a new address is received. If you have clients that have changed addresses, encourage them to call us and update their address.

Your clients can check the status of their refund on our Website. This feature is also available in Spanish.

They can also call (800) 852-5711, between the hours of 7 a.m. and 6 p.m., Monday through Friday, to check the status of their refund and update their address.

Encourage your clients to avoid delayed refunds by using direct deposit for a quick way to receive their state income tax refunds. In 2007, more than 4.2 million taxpayers had more than $4 billion directly deposited into their bank accounts. This tops the previous year's 3.8 million total taxpayers who had $3.4 billion in direct deposit refunds.

Attention nonresident entertainment withholding agents: Free workshops in February

Learn how California withholding agents for nonresident entertainers and speakers are affected by 2008 procedure changes.

Attend a workshop to learn about the changes and how to comply.

Workshop locations

Los Angeles | Oakland | Sacramento | San Diego | San Francisco

All locations are architecturally accessible to persons with physical disabilities.

You can register online for workshops at these locations on our "Withholding – Nonresident Entertainers and Speakers" Webpage. You may want to bookmark this Webpage, which is dedicated to withholding for nonresident entertainers and speakers. You’ll find links to withholding procedure tools, news about withholding requirements for nonresident entertainers and speakers, announcements about workshops, and a link to the subscription service to receive email updates on nonresident withholding.