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Tax News
The SSA/IRS Reporter

An essential resource for business tax filing and compliance

The SSA/IRS Reporter is a joint effort between Social Security Administration (SSA) and IRS. It communicates messages to businesses with employees that support trust fund, employment tax, and business tax compliance, with an emphasis on educating and encouraging these stakeholders to file their taxes electronically.

The Reporter carries general information about best payroll and employment tax practices and SSA products and services, such as changes in forms for reporting employee wages, W-2 Online, SSA filing procedures, and Business Services Online.

The SSA/IRS newsletter also includes timely information from the Department of Labor, Department of Justice, Health and Human Services, and other government agencies.

Past issues, including the fall 2007 issue, are posted on in English and Spanish. Check out the fall issue to read about:

  • Federal minimum wage increases.
  • Closing the tax gap - a priority for all.
  • Employer responsibilities when hiring foreign workers.
  • DOL introduces new tool for calculating overtime pay.
  • DOJ's business connection initiative helps businesses understand ADA.
  • Recommend Electronic IRS for your employees' tax needs.

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