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Polishing our image (process)

In July 2007, FTB implemented a new process to convert paper tax returns into images. This conversion allows us to electronically process and store images of corporation returns (Form 100, 100S, 100W, and 100X), partnership returns (Form 565), and LLC returns (Form 568).

In the first few months of implementation, we discovered some issues with the paper returns, and we need your help to resolve them:

  • If you submit handwritten documents, make sure you use a pen with black or dark blue ink.
  • When you print or make copies of documents, make sure the copy you send to FTB is dark enough to read. If we are unable to read a document, we will have to contact you or your client to get a better copy.
  • Remind your clients that if they include a payment check with the return, to simply place it in the envelope with the tax return - but not inside the tax return. If the check is placed within the return, we may not find it until after a bill has been sent to the taxpayer. As a result, you may be involved in unnecessary correspondence between FTB and your client to resolve the issue.

These new instructions will be added to the Corporation and Partnership booklets as a reminder during preparation. Following the new instructions will not only result in savings of taxpayer dollars, but will also speed processing your client's tax return, and result in more timely refunds and notices.

FTB Website gets a new look in October

Why redesign?

The California e-Services Office directed all CA Websites to have a common look and feel by November 2007.

What's new?

  • New Tax Professionals page - The current design provides a small section for you on the homepage and you have outgrown it. The new page will allow for more information in one place, plus you will be able to bookmark the page for easy access to:
  • Tax Practitioner Hotline and other contact information.
  • Law, legislation, and forms updates.
  • News about seminars, workshops, procedural changes, board meetings, etc.
  • e-file and other online services that you need to communicate with us or access your client's account information.
  • Manuals and procedures.
  • Subscription services.
  • New Bills and Notices page - It describes all the various bills, notices, and letters your clients might receive and provides information about how to respond.
  • New color scheme and bigger typeface.

What's not changing?

All existing content will flow into the new style sheets without changes.


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