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Selection process for private collections agencies begins

Beginning in January of 2008, FTB will be hiring three private collection agencies to replace the agencies whose contracts expire in October 2007.

The accounts we place with private collection agencies (PCAs) are those we have determined are not cost effective for us to pursue. PCAs can locate taxpayers, and/or their assets, and attempt to persuade them to pay the balance in full, or to enter into a payment arrangement. PCAs do not have authority to levy bank accounts, garnish wages, or litigate against taxpayers on FTB accounts.

If your clients have questions about their account or the tax liability in question after receiving a notice from a collection agency, they should immediately contact either the collection agency or FTB to resolve their questions. We are in constant contact with the PCAs, and track all complaints relating to customer service and violations of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act and the Taxpayers' Bill of Rights. To comply with the Taxpayers' Bill of Rights, all collection notices from PCAs include the phone number for FTB's Taxpayer Advocate.