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Paying electronically

Electronic Funds Withdrawal (EFW)

Your clients who e-file and owe tax can pay electronically with EFW. As an added convenience, they can authorize an EFW at the same time the e-file return is filed - no more worries about separately mailing a check. Simply enter the banking information for either a checking or savings account and choose the appropriate payment date. And, you can even use EFW to schedule your client's next year's estimated tax payments.

Web Pay

Web Pay is the fast, safe, and efficient way for your clients to pay their personal income taxes online. Web Pay allows your clients to request that FTB debit their bank account for their payment. With Web Pay, your clients can make the following types of payments online:

  • Estimated tax.
  • Bill.
  • Return.
  • Extension.

Web Pay works much like an online bill payment transaction. Taxpayers authorize payments from their checking or savings account on a specific date. They even have the option of scheduling the payments up to a year in advance; a great feature for those who make yearly estimated tax payments. To use Web Pay, all your clients need are their Social Security Number and their FTB Customer Service Number (CSN).

Don't forget - you and your clients can use either of these electronic payment options for the third quarter estimated tax payment, due September 17, 2007, or when you e-file your client's balance due return by October 15, 2007.