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2007 Homeowner and Renter Assistance program underway

This year, FTB is providing Homeowner and Renter Assistance (HRA) instructions in Chinese, Korean, Russian, Spanish, and Vietnamese, as well as English. Translated copies of Form 9000/9000R are available only online.

In mid-June, we began mailing HRA Program claim booklets (Form 9000) to prior year recipients. We urge you to let your clients know that they may be among the more than 600,000 eligible taxpayers to take advantage of assistance payments from the HRA Program.

Payments are based on the amount of property taxes paid directly by homeowners, and indirectly paid by renters.

  • Eligible homeowners can receive a payment of up to $472.50.
  • Renters can receive up to $347.50.

How to qualify

  • Homeowners must have owned and lived in their home at the end of 2006 and have household income of $42,770, or less.
  • Renters must have paid $50 or more in rent per month, and meet the same income limits.
    • Renters living in tax-exempt housing do not qualify.

  • All claimants must:
    • Have been blind, disabled, or at least 62 years old on December 31, 2006.
    • Be a U.S. citizen, designated alien, or qualified alien when the claim is filed.

We administer the program from July 2 through October 15, although claims can be filed as late as June 30, 2008. To avoid payment-processing delays, we strongly advise claimants to file by the October 15 deadline. We will authorize payments once the state budget is signed.

The state offers free assistance for completing the claim forms that eligible individuals need to file to receive their checks.

To find help, visit our Website, call your local Senior Citizens Information and Referral Service, or call your state legislator's office.

Another program your clients may qualify for is the Property Tax Postponement Program. Available through the State Controller's Office, this program allows eligible homeowners to postpone payment of their property taxes on their principal place of residence. For more information regarding this program, visit the State Controller's Website at