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New contact for RAR workshops

The June edition of Tax News announced the availability of Head of Household (HOH) and Revenue Agent Report (RAR) workshops. Due to a staffing change, our point of contact for the RAR workshop has changed. If you would like to schedule a workshop or would like more information, please contact either of the following individuals:

Revenue Agent Report Workshop
Coordinator: Estela Evangelista
Telephone:   (916) 845-7359
Fax:             (916) 843-6138

Head of Household Workshop
Coordinator: Bonnie Hoyle
Telephone:   (916) 845-3959
Fax:             (916) 843-5449

Where are the new subscription services?

In our June issue, we described several new subscription services we are offering, and referred readers to our subscription services page. After going to press, unexpected system problems significantly delayed the June launch of "subscription services phase two" - we have been working diligently to solve the problems, and expect the new subscription services to be available in July. We are sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused.