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Notes from the Tax Practitioner Liaison

Introducing FTB's tax practitioner liaison

If you are wondering, "Who is the tax practitioner liaison?" - let me introduce myself. I am Susan Maples, and I'm the FTB tax practitioner liaison. My job is to work closely with the practitioner community to identify and communicate important issues between practitioners and FTB. Each month I hope to include interesting information in my notes that may be timely and useful in your practice. I welcome your comments and suggestions for general practitioner issues. You can contact me with these issues at As always, if you have specific client (taxpayer) issues, please use our Tax Practitioner Hotline (916) 845-7057.

Tax practitioner Hotline

For the past five months, the Practitioner Hotline has experienced an unexpected high volume of phone calls and correspondence - a 72 percent increase since this time last year. One result of this high volume is that our customers are waiting longer for responses from our Hotline staff. Some calls are not getting through, and it is taking us longer to respond to your correspondence.

In addition to the dramatic increase in our Hotline workload volume, we recently added collection correspondence to our list of responsibilities. To cope with these increases, we added eight new staff to the Hotline - five just recently. Twelve of our 18 employees staff the Hotline, and the remaining six answer FAX and collection correspondence.

Once our new staff is up-to-speed, we should see our phone access improve and a reduction in the turn-around time for your correspondence.

You may be able to help us. When you request account transcripts for your clients, please ask only for what you need. We get many requests for tax computations or transcripts, for 10 or more tax years. Researching the account and building your computation can take hours, which is time away from the phones. We suggest asking for only the years within statute, and any open years. This will cover any tax years with a credit or balance due that are in our system.