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What's new at FTB? Our Speakers' Bureau can tell you

The Speakers' Bureau is one of the ways that we strive to meet the continuing educational needs of tax professionals and nonprofit, tax-related organizations. We are available to help community and professional groups, nonprofit organizations, and government-funded educational institutions learn more about tax-related issues by providing speakers who can give you the details and the latest updates on a variety of tax-related topics. Some of the topics our speakers have recently presented are listed below.

Recent presentations:

  • Audit Process.
  • Collection Process.
  • Corporate Dissolutions.
  • e-file Program.
  • Exempts Overview.
  • FTB Fraud Programs.
  • Forms of Ownership.
  • Head of Household.
  • Nonresident Issues.
  • Offer in Compromise.
  • Real Estate Withholding.
  • Registered Domestic Partners.
  • Tax Credits and Incentives.
  • Tax Legislation Update.
  • Tax Gap.
  • Top Audit Issues.
  • What's new at FTB?

FTB speakers typically make brief presentations to groups of 25 or more. If you are interested in requesting one of the listed presentations, or if you have ideas for other presentations, contact Steve Sims at (916) 845-7565, at least 30 days before your event.