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FTB and IRS warn taxpayers of email tax scam

On May 31, the IRS and FTB warned computer users of an ambitious email scam discovered by the IRS, that involved both the IRS and FTB. People targeted by the scam received a phony email falsely stating that they were under criminal investigation by the IRS for submitting a false return to FTB. The intent of the email was to convince email recipients to open up an attachment that would give the scam operators remote access to the recipients' computers.

This type of email scam is an example of "phishing" - a technique aimed at obtaining personal information for the purpose of identity theft. Neither the IRS nor FTB send unsolicited emails, and will never ask taxpayers for detailed personal financial information like PINs, passwords, or other credit card or bank information via unsolicited emails.

If you or your clients have any questions about the security of questionable emails or phone calls purporting to be from FTB, contact us at (800) 852-5711. Review our policy on identity theft on our Website.