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New subscription services coming in June

FTB introduced Subscription Services in January 2006 to give taxpayers and their representatives more access to important FTB information. When you sign up, we send news and updates directly to your email. During the initial phase of this service, we offered two general interest topics: Tax News and e-file News.

In June 2007, we expanded this service to include:

  • Court-Ordered Debt - Information on our Court-Ordered Debt (COD) collection program, our collection services, and important program developments.
  • Tax Legislation Information - Staff analyses of legislation affecting the department's programs or operations, or state income tax revenues.
  • Registered Domestic Partners - Information on announcements, meeting notes, discussion papers, and changes associated with this tax law, as they develop.
  • Newsroom - Subscribe to get the latest news about tax law changes, tax help and services, tax statistics, and criminal prosecution activities.
  • Voluntary Contributions - Information on special reports, sponsor information, and events that affect current funds.
  • Career Opportunities - Receive exam announcements, job opportunity notices, and other related information.

To sign up for any or all of these topics, please visit our Subscription Services page or visit our Website and search for Subscription Services.