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How to make e-filing even easier

Pay balances due electronically

Paying electronically when filing electronically has benefits for your clients - those are described below. When your e-filing clients pay electronically, it also benefits you, and it benefits us. Helping your clients get their taxes paid by April 17 will head off the balance due notices that inevitably follow if they forget to mail that paper check before April 17. You and they will avoid the time and exasperation associated with billing notices - not to mention the interest and penalties.

We also benefit when taxpayers pay electronically. Processing electronic payments is much more efficient than processing paper payments. Ultimately, electronic filing and payment enables us to get the job done faster, with fewer employees, and reduced storage space for paper documents. Most importantly, these efficiency gains mean we can spend fewer taxpayer dollars for the same results.

Here's how your clients can pay electronically:

Electronic funds withdrawal (EFW)

Your clients who e-file, and owe money can use EFW instead of mailing a paper check. EFW can be authorized at the time they e-file, and scheduled for payment on April 17. The process is similar to paying for groceries or other goods with a debit card, but with the added convenience of determining the actual date when their funds can be accessed. Your clients simply choose the amount they want to pay, and the date they want the funds to be transferred from either their checking or savings account. They can even schedule EFW for their next year's estimated tax payments when they e-file.

Web Pay

Your clients can request a debit to their account online, at any time, to pay any FTB liability, including:

  • A balance due on their current-year tax return.
  • Extension payments (Form FTB 3519).
  • Estimated tax payments (Form 540-ES).
  • Prior-year amounts.
  • Any bill.

Like direct debit, your clients choose the payment amount, and the date the funds should be transferred from their checking or savings accounts.

To use Web Pay, all your clients need are their Social Security Numbers, and an FTB customer service number.

Credit card payments

Another payment option for your clients to pay their state personal income taxes is to "charge it" to their Discover/NOVUS, MasterCard, American Express, or Visa credit cards. Your clients who wish to pay by credit card should check our Website at, or call the vendor (Official Payments Corporation, or OPC) at:

  • (800) 272-9829 - English.
  • (888) 357-8394 - Spanish.

OPC charges a 2.5 percent convenience fee, based on the amount charged.

New Service

Beginning April 9, 2007, FTB call center representatives can transfer PIT taxpayers directly to the credit card vendor. This new service is provided to callers if they decide during the course of their call that they want to pay by credit card. Taxpayers that do not have a need to contact FTB for any reason other than to pay by credit card, should visit our Website, or call OPC at the phone numbers listed above.