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Audit 2015

Technological innovations, and changes in the way that people communicate and interact with their government have reshaped the expectations of our audit customers. These changes have created opportunities for partnering with taxpayers, the tax practitioner community, areas throughout the FTB enterprise, and other governmental agencies. As dramatic events continue to transform the landscape for California businesses, individuals, and government, the audit program is looking to the future.

Audit 2015, the audit program's strategic plan, is our blueprint for innovation and change. As our vision, it describes our future in 2015. As the future unfolds, our vision will continue to evolve and improve.

In the coming year, expect to hear more about Audit 2015. We will be asking for feedback from the tax practitioner community, as well as other stakeholders. The audit program's mission has always been, and will continue to be, encouraging self-compliance. We will achieve our mission by:

  • Administering a timely, responsible, and fair income tax audit program.
  • Strengthening our commitment to become an innovative and dedicated organization.
  • Continuously improving our administration of the income tax audit programs.
  • Contributing to the overall mission of FTB.

We see ourselves as partners with our stakeholders, which includes tax professionals.

In the present, and in the immediate future, we will:

For the next 10 years, we will continue to

  • Provide critical information, before and after filing a return, to allow taxpayers to self-comply.
  • Focus our examination resources on those who fail to self-comply.
  • Work with our stakeholders as needed, to resolve and address emerging issues.
  • Transform into an organization that uses cutting-edge technologies, expanding our ability to conduct business in an electronic environment.
  • Emphasize our one-touch audit policy by:
    • Redefining timeliness in an electronic age.
    • Using all available data to ensure compliance.
    • Protecting taxpayer information, and minimizing intrusiveness.
  • Value our greatest assets - our people, and an organization that is fluid and responsive.
  • Mobilize our resources to address noncompliance as it emerges, and increase taxpayer confidence in a self-compliance system.

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