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2006/2007 Tax forms available on our Website

The 2006/2007 tax forms are here, and available on our Website. And, you can now fill in and save your entries when you use our 10 most popular FTB fill-in tax forms:

  • 540
  • 540A
  • 540 2EZ
  • 540 Schedule CA
  • 540NR Short Form
  • 540NR Long Form
  • 540NR Schedule CA
  • Schedule W-2
  • 3519
  • 540-ES (2007)

To identify these ten forms on our Website, look for "fill in and save" next to the form name, and this message:

New! This form allows you to save fill-in data for future use.

To view, complete, save, and print FTB fill-in PDF forms you'll need the free Adobe Reader software, Version 6.0 or later, installed on your personal computer.

A word of warning: When using a public computer (at the library, an Internet cafe, etc.), saving your data to a local drive may make your personal information available to others. To avoid this undesirable outcome, never save your personal information on a form that is accessed from a public computer.

Using Reader, you can save the 10 most popular fill-in forms on your PC's local drive, edit your entries, and resave the file. When you use these forms, you will receive instructional messages on which version of Adobe Reader to use, and how to save the forms.

Keep in mind that these FTB fill-in forms do not compute, validate, or verify the information you enter. You are still responsible for entering all required information, and performing any necessary computations. Instructions for some forms may also require handwritten information.

Find out more about our online forms in general, and fill-in forms in particular, on our Website. Watch our Website in the coming weeks for more information on our forms.