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How to streamline withholding order processing

We were recently made aware of a problem that some companies have when they process our Earnings Withholding Orders for Tax (EWOTs), and Orders to Withhold (OTWs). The mailrooms of some companies process all mail from tax agencies by routing it to the company's tax department, including EWOTs and OTWs. Sending withholding orders to the tax department can delay processing, if the company actually processes them in the payroll department, or another business unit. When EWOTs or OTWs are incorrectly routed to the company's tax department, the delay can cause the company to process them late, or to rush to get them processed on time.

The fix for this problem is simple - if the company you represent wants to have EWOTs and OTWs mailed to a different address, contact us. Call us at (800) 852-5711, or at the phone number listed on the EWOT or OTW, to make an address change. For example, you can add "Attn: Payroll Department" to your company's mail address, or provide a different address.