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Verify your client's estimated tax payments online

Do you know that you can verify the total amount of estimated tax payments your client has made to Franchise Tax Board, before filing your client's return?

Using our online service, View Payments and Balance Due, you can view the following transactions made by your client, provided we have not yet applied them to a tax year:

  • The last 25 estimated tax payments.
  • Estimated tax transfers.
  • Extension payments.

By using this service before filing your clients' tax returns, you can virtually eliminate the possibility they will receive Return Information Notices because they claimed incorrect estimated tax payments on their tax returns. All you need is your client's permission, Social Security Number, and Customer Service Number.

You can also use this service to:

  • View the current balance due on your clients' accounts.
  • View the 60 most recent payments applied to a balance due.
  • Obtain tax year summary information on any tax year with a balance due.

Note: Because of our processing timeframes, it may take up to 45 days for payments to post to your client's accounts.

Go to and click on the Check Your Account link in the Tools list.