Tax News
August 2006

A record-breaking filing season

We thank the practitioner community for helping make it a successful filing season in 2006. We processed e-filed business returns for the first time, and witnessed percentage increases in total number of returns filed, e-filed returns, number of refunds issued, and the average refund amount. / more+

FTB's criminal investigation program taking a bite out of the tax gap

Special agents in our criminal investigation program are on the job to track down tax crimes. Their successes are recorded each month in Criminal Corner. In this issue, we look at how FTB’s Special Agents uphold the mission of the criminal investigation program. / more+

State tax information accessible to more taxpayers

For the first time, FTB is offering forms and publications in Chinese, Korean, and Vietnamese, in addition to Spanish. California is one of the most diverse states in the nation, and FTB is committed to making services available to more of its taxpayers. / more+

The tax gap's biggest contributor - underreported income

If asked what should be included in business income, most people would list cash, checks, or credit card payments that are received for goods sold, or services provided - but they would be only partly correct. Barters, canceled debts, even kickbacks are all forms of income received in connection with business operations that must be reported. / more+

Should you amend for a prior year carryover revision?

What if your client's only prior year change is revision of a carryover amount - should you amend? The answer depends on several conditions, including whether or not you client is under audit. / more+

FTB ID number protects against identity theft

Did you know that we can no longer legally print Social Security Numbers on materials we mail to taxpayers or their representatives? On January 1, 2006, we began using the "FTB ID number" instead of the Social Security Number. It's an important tool for protecting the confidentiality of taxpayer information. / more+

Criminal Corner

Our monthly summary on bringing tax criminals to justice, and closing the tax gap one case at a time. / more+