VITA - Section Quiz

Welcome to the Form 540 Quiz. This quiz is not submitted for scoring, nor will it be recorded. This is just a chance for you to see how much you know about each section. Your answers will be evaluated upon your clicking the Submit button. If your answer is incorrect, we urge you to try again and then go back and study that particular sub-section which pertains to that question.

If you have taken some practice quizzes and feel comfortable with your results, please proceed to the final exam. This exam is graded and will determine if the Franchise Tax Board can grant you a certification as a Volunteer Income Tax Assistant. You may take the final exam at any time by clicking the link on the upper right of this page.

Good luck!

1 . The federal AGI can be found on which line of IRS Form 1040? 

2 . Generally, interest on loans from utility companies is a valid California itemized deduction. 

3 . To qualify for FTB 3506 (California Child and Dependent Care Credit) the California AGI must be: 

4 . The volunteer program encourages use of direct deposit. 

5 . California Mortgage Debt Relief is limited to what amount? 

6 . If there are no estimate penalties assessed on the return, then no penalty is due. 

7 . Form 540, line 14, is income that 

8 . Joint Custody Head of Household is a: 

9 . California exemption credits are subtracted from taxable income. 

10 . If your client files Form 540 and claims the child and dependent care expense credit they must: