VITA - Section Quiz

Welcome to the General Information Quiz. This quiz is not submitted for scoring, nor will it be recorded. This is just a chance for you to see how much you know about each section. Your answers will be evaluated upon your clicking the Submit button. If your answer is incorrect, we urge you to try again and then go back and study that particular sub-section which pertains to that question.

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1 . A refund from a prior year may be designated: 

2 . If a 65 year old taxpayer claims the standard deduction on the federal return, then he should also take the standard deduction on the state return. 

3 . Site numbers must be entered at the top of each return. 

4 . Any dependent, filing their individual tax return, must use the "California Standard Deduction Worksheet for Dependents." 

5 . If your client receives no more than $100,880 combined wages for 2013, how much excess SDI/VPDI can your client claim? 

6 . TaxWise automatically enters nonrefundable renters credit on the state tax form. 

7 . To calculate for the California Child and Dependent Care Expenses Credit use 

8 . IRA distributions are generally taxed the same by federal and state unless: 

9 . The definition of visual impairment is 20/200 while wearing corrective lenses or a field of vision not more than 20 degrees. 

10 . To calculate your client's IRA California basis use the IRA adjustment worksheet.