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Changes to 2005 Forms

2005 Updates to Form 3553

Revision Date: 09/13/06

Revision Details: Revision to Enterprise Zone Employee Credit Instructions.

  • We are adding a new paragraph under the What's New Section of the instructions on page 1, Column 1 because a new Enterprise Zone (EZ) was designated in Stanislaus (including Ceres, Modesto, Turlock, and Stanislaus County) as of 11/16/05. The newly designated zone was not listed in the printed FTB 3553 flat instructions and qualified taxpayers need to be aware they can claim this credit.

It should read:


Enterprise Zone       Designation Date       Expiration Date
Stanislaus(including          11/16/2005             11/15/2020
Ceres, Modesto, Turlock,
and Stanislaus County)

This revision should be noted in printed products: FTB 3553 flat instructions, page 1, and 2005 Package X, page 548.
The revised internet version is available for download.

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