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Reports, Plans, and Statistics

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Report Title Description Links
Amnesty Marketing Campaign 2005 Executive Summary details the $2.3 million statewide marketing campaign.
Annual Report Summary of the Department's major program activities during the calendar year and statistical profile of California individual and business taxpayers.
Audit 2015 The vision and strategic plan for our Audit program.
Average Processing Times How long it takes, on average, to process returns, refunds, and payments depending on how we receive them.
Collections 2020 - The Future of Collections The vision and strategic plan for our Collections program.
Collection Practices An overview of our collection practices
Conformity Summary of Federal Income Tax Changes
Court-Ordered Debt Collections Annual summaries of collection activity for participating Courts. Fiscal Year End Report

Business Profile

e-Government Blueprint The Department's vision, goals, and strategies for transforming the relationship with customers through e-government opportunities.
Filing 2010 The future of California income tax filing.
Filing Season Statistics Returns received and dollar amounts collected
FTB Performance Report Accomplishments related to the Department's strategic goals, listed in the FTB Strategic Plan.
FTB Strategic Plan The Department's vision, strategic goals, and key performance measures on how we achieve success.
FTB Tax Gap Plan The Department's strategic approach to reducing California's Tax Gap.
FTB's 5-Year Customer Service Plan The Department's vision for customer service.
Gift to Agency Reports The California Fair Political Practices Commission (FPPC) requires government agencies to file FPPC Form 801 to disclose gifts received (FPPC Regulation 18944.2).
Independent Contractor Withholding Follow-Up Analysis The advantages and disadvantages of an independent contractor withholding program.
Industrial Health and Safety Collections Annual summaries of collection activity.

Fiscal Year End Report

Business Profile

LLC Reports Calculation of the adjustment to the Limited Liability Company fee.
Operations Report Report on the operation of the Franchise Tax Board.

Fiscal Years:

Personal Income Tax Statistics by Zip Code Tax Returns Filed, Adjusted Gross Income and Self-assessed Tax listed by Zip Code.

Process Years:

Revenue Estimating Exhibits Tables presented semi-annually for use in forecasting PIT and Corporation Tax revenue for the state.
Tax Expenditure Report Analysis of tax expenditure items.
Special Research Papers Ad hoc analyses on various subjects such as stock options, alternative minimum tax, flat tax, etc.
Supplemental Report of the 2010-11 Budget Package Supplemental Report that we provide to the chair of the Joint Legislative Budget Committee and chairs of the legislative fiscal committees.

This report includes information on the hours, costs, revenues, and cost to benefit ratios associated with FTB’s audit and compliance activities.

Vehicle Registration Collections Annual summaries of collection activity.

Fiscal Year End Report

Business Profile

Voluntary Contributions Reports of status for Voluntary Contribution funds