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2012 Retirements

We extend our best wishes in their retirements and our appreciation for their service to the Franchise Tax Board and the state of California.

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Name Classification Years of
state service
Jose L. Lopez-Alvarez System Software Specialist II 33
Marcia A. Blue Tax Technician 12
Peter M. Boucher Associate Information System Analyst Specialist 17
Dorothy G. Calvetti Tax Program Technician II 13
Maria J. Cardenas Tax Technician 27
Michael R. Carroll Program Specialist II 31
Leilani G. Downey Senior Program Analyst Specialist 22
Laurie Fletcher Administrator II 32
Raul Guzman Program Specialist I 29
Steve B. Hackett System Software Specialist III 23
Jana L. Howard Administrator III 37
Jose L. Lopez-Alvarez System Software Specialist II 33
Jadwiga Z. Lutek Program Specialist III 34
Lynda E. McDowell Office Service Manager I 25
Rita J. Mochel Staff Information System Analyst Specialist 23
Rhonda E. Marshall-Morgan Program Specialist III 29
Donald D. Moroso Staff Program Analyst Specialist 24
Beatrice Parker Senior Complance Representative 11
Felipa C. Pedroso Key Data Operator 14
Maria E. Porto Administrator I 31
Sue L. Railsback Investigation Specialist II Technician 29
Robert E. Reichert Staff Program Analyst Specialist 23
Juana Rojas Tax Program Analyst 26
Kevin D. Ryan Administrator I 13
Edwin T. Shea Tax Counsel IV 15
Cheryl L. Slama Senior Program Analyst 32
Debra M. Smith Associate Operation Specialist 27
Sandra L. Thurman Senior Compliance Representative 25
David Wallis Senior Operations Specialist 34
Arlan J. Weiss Associate Tax Auditor 17
Susan M. Willett Program Specialist II 20


Name Classification Years of
state service
Jennifer L. Boyd System  Software Specialist II 7.5
Dennis G. Corgiat Staff Operations Specialist 15
Andrea K. Dunning Data Processing Manager III 36
Charlie W. Gifford Associate Tax Auditor 20
Kama L. Johnson Associate Information System Analyst Specialist 23
Elwood F. Jones III Tax Technician 19
Edward R. Kent Senior Information System Analyst 31
Frank A. Ledesma Tax Technician 6
Darelene L. Sedlacek System Software Specialist III 34
Elleene A. Tessier Assistant Chief Counsel 30
Titus S. Toyama CEA 30
Deborah M. Tyner Tax Program Technician I 30
Catherine M. Vail Tax Program Technician II 23
Penny L. Venn Associate Operation Specialist 26
Michael D. Wallis Tax Program Analyst 34


Name Classification Years of
state service
Lilia A. Balancio  Tax Program Analyst 25
Katherine L. Bryan Education and Outreach Specialist 18
Esperonza Castro Tax Technician 22
Ina S. Davis Tax Program Analyst 23
Susan J. Hicks Tax Program Technician II 27
James H. Higgins Business Services Officer Specialist 22
Margaret Y. Hung Seasonal Clerk 4
Letitia L. Light Accounting Administrator Specialist 41
Jiun Y. Liu Senior Program Analyst/Specialist 27
Peggy Marston Associate Tax Auditor 11
Alexander M. Milne Associate Tax Auditor 14
Peggy N. Morgan Tax Program Technician I 27
Janice L. Peters Tax Program Technician I 21
Denise B. Siverling Data Processing Manager II 25
Joyce M. Steward Tax Program Technician I 23


Name Classification Years of
state service
James M. Burgess Compliance Representative 22
Lein Nguyen Tax Program Technician I 10
Lucille M. Pacheco Staff Information System Analyst Specialist 26


Name Classification Years of
state service
Gina M. Cioffi Senior Information System Analyst Specialist 20
Sharon A. Day Key Data Operator 21
Irma J. Deane Compliance Representative 11
Marcelino C. Delacruz Program Specialist II 25
Jeanette L. Fisher Seasonal Clerk 8
Becky L. Fleury Tax Program Analyst       40
Manuelita H. Garcia Tax Program Technician I 23
Cindy M. Gonzales Senior Compliance Representative 35
William L. Hagmann Key Data Operator 10
Robert M. Higashi Tax Program Technician I 7
Rachael M. Lopez Tax Technician 34
John M. Macrae Business Services Officer I Specialist 12
Mary E. Munoz Tax Program Technician I 25
Audrey L. Pitts Tax Program Supervisor 10
William F. Shiflet Senior Information System Analyst Specialist 35
Bridgette W. Tannehill Tax Technician 16


Name Classification Years of
state service
Joanne C. Dean Staff Service Analyst 33
Janice L. Deane Resource Analyst II General 22
Patricia A. Lawrence Compliance Representative 5
Pamela S. Morris Tax Program Technician II 26
Bruce J. Radov System Software Specialist III 32
Russell D. Reece Administrator III 22
Larry R. Walker Staff Information System Analyst Specialist 24
Charles A. Waters Tax Auditor 10


Name Classification Years of
state service
Lisa M. Goodwin-Yates Senior Operations Specialist 24
Patricia L. Hall Tax Program Technician I 7
Anthony Kentroti Staff Information System Analyst Specialist 27
Teresa K. Lai Tax Program Technician II 16
Renee P. Lee Tax Technician 32
Joseph D. Munn Tax Program Assistant 18
Cecilia M. Rabang Compliance Representative 12
Frieda H. Schwerdtfeger Tax Technician 18
Zhenyan Zhou Seasonal Clerk 7


Name Classification Years of
state service
Robert Alvarez, Jr. Program Specialist I 29
Elsa M. Carrera Compliance Representative 31
Thomas F. Chisholm Associate Tax Auditor 16
Mary H. Esparza Data Processing Manager III 37
Magdalena B. Galindo Seasonal Clerk 5
Mary K. Jester Compliance Representative 27
Patti J. Mamuzich Associate Editor of Publications 24
Alice Mincey Seasonal Clerk 11
Joe Mora, Jr. Tax Technician 10
Christina R. Putzel Associate Business Management Analyst 17
Dennis J. Putzel Staff Services Manager I 21
Thomas L. Stewart Program Specialist I 25
Elma M. Turner Tax Program Technician I 14
Katherine Yung Systems Software Specialist III 33


Name Classification Years of
state service
Ronald L. Balek Compliance Representative 38
Michelle M. Galli Staff Software Specialist III (Technical) 36
Barbara J. Hince Program Specialist III 37
Cynthia A. Macri Tax Technician 19
Paul Warren Tax Research Specialist II 22


Name Classification Years of
state service
Jacolyn G. Deveny Program Specialist I 20
Carol A. Pobanz Tax Technician 9
Leslee F. Runkle Key Data Operator 8
Florance I. Tallman Associate Operations Specialist 21
Linda M. Tershay Tax Technician 12
Anna Valenzuela Key Data Operator 25
Dennis W. Wright Tax Program Assistant 27
Vivianne T. Wright Tax Program Assistant 26


Name Classification Years of
state service
Jean S. Chin Seasonal Clerk 7
AJ Dorrell Staff Services Analyst (General) 10
Ronald A. Muschetto Principal Compliance Representative 29
Marcia A. Romandia Staff Services Analyst (General) 19
Ellen L. Root Administrative Assistant II 35
Alfreda Weaver Tax Technician 30
Pamela J. Willis Senior Compliance Representative 19


Name Classification Years of
state service
Diana F. Ledoux-Lopez Tax Program Supervisor 31
Michael E. Sonneman Staff Program Analyst (Specialist) 23
Lombardo S. Velarde Administrator III 24

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