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2011 Retirements

We extend our best wishes in their retirements and our appreciation for their service to the Franchise Tax Board and the state of California.

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Name Classification Years of
State Service
Dorothy Che-Menju Administrator II 35
Connie S. DeLong Staff Services Analyst (General) 23
Pucha Dupell Tax Program Assistant 11
James R. Durborough Senior Information Systems Analyst (Specialist) 31
Janice L. Guenther Senior Compliance Representative 21
David A. Hill, Jr. Senior Operations Specialist 17
Melody S. Jackson Associate Information Systems Analyst (Specialist) 37
Lynne A. J. Kellison Compliance Representative 17
Valerie G. Leclerc Tax Counsel III 23
Carolyn J. Long Tax Program Analyst (Specialist) 39
Kaong T. Lu Tax Program Technician I 11
Huong V. Nguyen Tax Program Assistant 11
Kristina E. North Associate Operations Specialist 37
Douglas A. Peigh Staff Software Specialist III (Technical) 31
Sally L. Piotrowslki Tax Program Technician I 15
Shirley T. Preston Tax Program Technician I 17
Christina L. Rivera Senior Information Systems Analyst (Specialist) 37
Vivian V. Sarte Administrator II 23
Tonie E. Sledge Data Processing Manager II 34
Linda A. Tanton Customer Services (Specialist) 28
Kathy A. Teague Office Services Manager I 34
Desmond K. Wright Associate Program Analyst (Specialist) 31
Gene N. Yep Senior Compliance Representative 14



Name Classification Years of
State Service
Linda D. Basterrechea Customer Services (Specialist) 35
Laura J. Chamberlain Associate Information Systems Analyst (Specialist) 21
James M. Ciccarelli Tax Technician 24
Margaret K. Debrio Key Data Operator 29
Shelley Anne K. Fong Associate Information Systems Analyst (Specialist) 37
Gregory G. Ford Tax Technician 16
Jeffrey J. Garnier Program Specialist III 29
Debra J. Gonzales Data Processing Manager IV 26
Victorina F. Gutierrez Tax Program Technician I 24
Karen D. Haynes Staff Information Systems Analyst (Specialist) 23
Duane Hoffman Associate Tax Auditor 39
Gloria C. Hornbeck Data Processing Manager II 38
Mary-Jayne Jones Compliance Representative 13
Sakinah Madyun Training Officer I 29
George W. McLaughlin Tax Counsel IV 21
Rizalito R. Nanca Compliance Representative 27
Timothy J. Ryan Tax Technician 18
Karen L. Reyna Senior Information Systems Analyst (Specialist) 18
Claudia Richie Tax Technician 20
Byran D. Tanaka Staff Software Specialist III (Technical) 36
Kelley J. Williams Senior Information Systems Analyst (Specialist) 34


Name Classification Years of
State Service
Stephanie A. Axtell Senior Information Systems Analyst (Specialist) 34
Gabriella P. Green Administrator II 30
Jackie R. Griffin System Software Specialist II (Technical) 31
Mary E. Hall Tax Program Technician I 24
Phyllis Harden Tax Program Technician I 22
Mark K. Hennessy Tax Program Technician II 41
David C. Isaac Program Specialist I 25
David Lopez Tax Counsel IV 17
Brian D. McCaffrey Mail Machine Operator II 23
Grace H. Morimoto System Software Specialist III (Technical) 34
Jane M. Perez Tax Counsel III (Specialist) 35
Patricia E. Pritchard Staff Information Systems Analyst (Specialist) 21
Tamara L. Stephan Administrator I 31
Sandra G. Tinsley Compliance Representative 27
Pamela D. Troyan Associate Operations Specialist 26
Robert M. York Jr. Associate Information Systems Analyst (Specialist) 34


Name Classification Years of
State Service
Paula M. Gilbert Administrator III 25
Alice M. Hunt Accounting Technician 19
David M. Ladd Data Processing Manager III 17
Ellen L. Marshall Tax Program Technician II 23
Stacey A. McAdon Senior Information Systems Analyst (Specialist) 32
Sharon A. McCarthy Senior Personnel Specialist 23
Kristi L. Modica Systems Software Specialist II (Technical) 31
Paul A. Schmidt Customer Service Specialist 18
William S. Wetzel Staff Information Systems Analyst (Specialist) 10
Shirley M. Wilson Accounting Technician 36
Youching Yeh Program Specialist II 19


Name Classification Years of
State Service
Patricia M. Aguilar Tax Program Technician I 27
Cynthia J. Crutsinger Staff Services Analyst (General) 31
Patricia A. Ellis Staff Information Systems Analyst (Specialist) 18
Van P. Evans, Jr. Senior Compliance Representative 23
Wilbur J. Harvey Administrator I 23
Karen D. Ives Senior Information Systems Analyst (Specialist) 36
Sylvia C. Ward Senior Information Systems Analyst (Specialist) 25


Name Classification Years of
State Service
Shirley S. Axtell Customer Service Specialist 21
Emily Cervantes Assistant Information Systems Analyst 32
Pedro R. Delacruz System Software Specialist II (Technical) 15
Roger L. Fisher Staff Information Systems Analyst (Specialist) 17
Dac T. Ha Staff Program Analyst (Specialist) 21
Tamara L. Kern Associate Tax Auditor 30
Joanne D. Maves Key Data Operator 12
Richard M. Mitchell Administrator I 33
Jose A. Ruelas Associate Information Systems Analyst (Specialist) 25
Deanna I. Ryan Staff Information Systems Analyst (Specialist) 34
Lora J. Saunders Program Specialist I 25
Jeanine M. Schwartz Program Specialist I 18
Rita L. Wright Senior Programmer Analyst (Specialist) 31
Wendy A. Wright Tax Program Technician II 21


Name Classification Years of
State Service
Joanne M. Berthelot Management Services Technician 19
Kathy F. Braswell Customer Service Supervisor 28
Barbara J. Chapman Data Processing Manager II 33
Judyann Gedney Principal Compliance Representative 35
Yvonne A. Jacobsen Tax Program Technician II 32
Ann Lam Customer Service Specialist 29
Robert M. Poe System Software Specialist II (Technical) 32
Oretta M. Preston Tax Technician 28
Timothy K. Taylor Senior Information Systems Analyst (Specialist) 26
Gloria J. Walker Tax Program Technician I 19


Name Classification Years of
State Service
Steven V. Buffington Data Processing Manager II 33
Carol E. Carpenter Tax Technician 5
Debra C. Endres Customer Service Specialist 22
James T. Hufnagle System Software Specialist I (Technical) 16
Nathan R. Jonas System Software Specialist III (Technical) 40
Kenneth E. Lindsay Customer Service Specialist 22
Frank Luna, Jr. Senior Compliance Representative 13
Charlotte A. Meisel Tax Counsel IV 33
William C. Mulder Tax Program Supervisor 30
Eunice M. Puthuff Staff Operations Specialist 25
Leticia P. Reyes Seasonal Clerk 9
Lynda L. Rush Senior Operations Specialist 33
Janette K. Strange Senior Information Systems Analyst (Specialist) 23
Mark M. Vaghefi Associate Tax Auditor 23
Jessie M. Wagner-Hawkins Tax Program Technician II 27


Name Classification Years of
State Service
Yvonne M. Catelli Staff Programmer Analyst (Specialist) 18
Joanne S. Davis Accountant I (Specialist) 5
Pauly Lou Program Specialist I 24
Elmer Lum Program Specialist II 37
Lynda D. Mitchell Tax Program Assistant 31
Cheryl A. Quandt Tax Program Technician I 18
Ann M. Powell Tax Program Technician I 24


Name Classification Years of
State Service
Zosima Susie A. Andrada Office Technician (Typing) 5
Carmen E. Chiapa Senior Compliance Representative 11
Teresa D. DeHerrera Customer Service Specialist 27
Avelina M. Heninger Tax Program Assistant 27
Carol K. Imura Tax Technician 18
William S. Jones III CEA 32
Linda K. Oster System Software Specialist I (Technical) 21
Loran L. Ringo Associate Information Systems Analyst (Specialist) 35


Name Classification Years of
State Service
Sharon E. Covarrubias Administrator II 22
Manuel Gomez Tax Technician 20
Elda F. Hernandez Senior Compliance Representative 24
David Prewitt Associate Information Systems Analyst (Specialist) 18
Jacqueline A. Webb Staff Programmer Analyst (Specialist) 30


Name Classification Years of
State Service
Donna M. Hess Customer Service Specialist 18
Ljiljana Miljkovick Associate Information Systems Analyst (Specialist) 22
Elizabeth T. Papa Principal Compliance Representative 12
Claudia M. Senior Associate Tax Auditor 25
Maria H. Valdez Seasonal Clerk 7
Carlos Zamarripa CEA 34


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